Sunday, July 8, 2012

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I just finished Delirium by Lauren Oliver, and I just… I can’t… I can’t even… Oh… my… I…. can’t… breath…


I couldn’t believe it! The ending was a shock! (It’s SO hard for me not to give anything away right now.  Another book I stayed up past midnight to finish!)

Amor Deliria Nervosa, the deadliest of deadly diseases.  A world where love is the worst possible thing to be infected with.  Lena Haloway, a seventeen year old “in-between” girl with a painful past, is eager to be “cured”, just like her aunt and older sister before the disease infects her just like it infected her Mother.  She experiences her neighbors’ houses being vandalized and punished because they are suspected of being “Sympathizers” to rumored “Invalids”, or those who resist the cure.  Ever since childhood, she’s been warned about the Crypts, a mental ward or more like prison for those who go “crazy” with the sickness, and she’s heard the rumors of the world outside her electric-powered fenced neighborhood called “The Wilds”, where the supposedly mythical, rabid Invalids roam.  Lena doesn’t want anything more than to be cured, until she finds herself infected with Amor Deliria Nervosa.

Lauren Oliver is a true writer who has a way with words.  Each carefully crafted, musical sentence hit a certain spot on my heart.  The ending was one I’ll never get out of my head.  It wasn’t exactly a true ending, but it was complete in a bittersweet and satisfying way.  I guess some could say it was in a way, the perfect ending.  This book really shows the true beauty of sacrifice.