Sunday, August 31, 2014

College: New State, New City, New Life

Hello everyone,

This afternoon, I was walking around Greenwich Village with my co-editor in chief of my high school yearbook. Surprisingly, we ran into each other at the subway station near 5th Ave. yesterday and decided to get together for a cup of coffee. As we passed the Washington Square Arch, we began discussing our future occupations and what we had in mind for our careers. During this enlightening exchange, it suddenly hit me that I hadn't posted on this blog for ages. I mean, I do post (or reblog) the occasional tumblr picture, gif, video, what not... However, now that I'm officially living in one of the biggest, liveliest, craziest cities in the world, I figured why not start up again? I do want to major in English. So I present to you a refined, updated blog: Manhattan Muses. MM will follow the city-life of a brand new student exploring and making her way through college.