Sunday, August 31, 2014

Welcome Week: The Transition from Childhood to Adulthood

I am proud to announce that I have successfully made it through the first week of school. Although classes start on Tuesday, my welcome week was filled with nightclubs, music, meetings, orientation, food, a reality show ft. a song about condoms, 12:00am Bed Bath and Beyond dorm shopping and countless other overwhelming activities. When I moved into my dorm on Sunday, my roommate and I got straight to decorating. I put up the classic, college-girl dorm necessities: lights, polaroid pictures of friends and boyfriend, bulletin board and "repping my college" flag. My boyfriend found it strange that I put up the poster he made for senior ball, but I think it adds some pizzaz to the once bland and boring walls of University Hall.

(Photos taken in NYU University Hall)

The walk from Union Square to Washington Square Park is not as bad as you'd think. Yes, it is going to snow in the winter, but I actually enjoy walking around NYC. My suitemate and I always joke around about how we walk twice as fast as normal New Yorkers even though we're both from the suburbs (CA and FL), but then we realize we've never actually lived in snow... Oh no. Nevertheless, I treasure the view down Broadway Street on my way to classes.

(Photo taken on Broadway)

In the final days of welcome week, I truly became a New Yorker. Firstly, a tourist asked me for directions in the subway. (I knew the answer, yes!) Secondly, I dined out by myself (I soon realized that I would be doing a lot of eating, walking, subway-riding by myself). Finally, I bought my first item of clothing: a pink pair of jeans for the upcoming, snowy weather. My mother actually suggested a phone app that records finances and purchases just so I know where and how I will be spending my money. The one I use is called "Mint" and it is the easiest, most useful app to record money spending. I highly suggest it!  

(Photo taken at Ramen Takumi in Greenwich Village)

(Photo taken on The Plaza Hotel Courtyard - new pink jeans!)

Additionally, I had attended my fair share of welcome week "parties" which included lots of dancing, sweating and sore feet. Let's just say that I've spent my weekend mostly inside, watching reruns of "Friends" and "How I Met Your Mother". I'd like to end my post by concluding that no other school does welcome week better than NYU. 

(Photo taken in Washington Square Park)

(Photo taken on 5th Ave. - after the random mid-day thunderstorm on Aug. 31st)