Friday, September 19, 2014

Chai Latte, Chanel, Central Park, Oh My!

My Friday consisted of a yummy chai latte, designer clothing, many pictures in Central Park and lots and lots of walking... I woke up this morning to a sore throat and frantic roommate trying to find her assignment for class. After running across our living room to Suite B to grab some water bottles, I retreated back to my warm and comfy bed and fell back into slumber.

This afternoon was much more productive. I met up with my friend Sophia to traverse uptown. The weather was gloomy and dull: not too hot, not too cold. We went to Bergdorf Goodman's to stare in awe at the beautiful wedding dresses before resting up in Central Park for a little bit. I will never get over the strange juxtaposition of nature and city-life that one gets from walking through Central Park.

(Photos taken in Central Park)

Afterwards, Sophia and I walked to Time Warner Centre, Columbus Circle where we were yet again overwhelmed by the clothing and accessories that one only wishes they could afford. However, I was able to purchase a delicious chai latte and enjoy the view from the second floor cafe. Before my boyfriend left for college, I spray-attacked his sweater with the Chanel cologne he wears and of course, took his sweater with me to NYU. Sephora is somehow the only store I know that sells his cologne and I was able to refreshen it today with my new purchase from Time Warner Centre's massive Sephora. My feet hurt by the time I returned to my dorm, but I've concluded that walking in New York City is my new (and only) favorite way to work out.

(Photo taken in Time Warner Centre)

I have many more adventures planned for this weekend, including mini-golfing and (hopefully) exploring Brooklyn for the first time. New York City is finally starting to feel a little less big and a little more like home. :)