Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Oppressed Majority"

Today was a pretty decent day. Went to bed late, woke up early, made coffee, went to class, wrote an in-class essay and finished Gilgamesh. We touched on the topic of feminism in one of my classes, but more on that later...

For lunch, my roommate and I checked out "Nanoosh", a hummus bar on University St. It was delicious, and we ate until our stomachs couldn't take any more chia, quinoa, cranberries, lettuce and pita bread.

(Photo taken in Nanoosh)

After lunch, we decided to check out the Halloween store on Broadway, but not before taking some street-style shots.

(Photos taken on Broadway)

When we first entered the Halloween store, we were amazed with all the decorations, props and costumes. It was like a whole other world, one filled with monsters, clowns, magic wands and masks. However, as we maneuvered our way throughout the shop looking for our own Halloween costume, we realized that we couldn't find even one "appropriate" female costume. Before I continue, I just want to say that I am not trying to start an argument or criticize society in an abrasive manner. I only want to point out the ridiculousness in my inability to find a female Halloween costume that wasn't made up of flimsy, see-through pieces of cloth. It strikes me that stores only sell these degrading, lascivious costumes for women and some people still have the guts to say: "She was asking for it because of the way she dressed." Um, maybe if companies did not attempt to please the male population by creating and promoting sexually objectifying advertisements, and Halloween stores sold costumes other than "Sexy Schoolgirl", "Busty Buccaneer" and "Foxy Firewoman" women wouldn't feel pressured to wear an outfit that is "asking for it" in the first place... and for Halloween!

My experience in the Halloween store reminded me of a very important and enlightening video I came across while procrastinating on homework last night. The video tells a short story about a man's experience living in a female-dominated world. In one scene, a homeless woman on the street calls out to a man and says the equivalent of: "Let me give you a blowjob! Let me suck your dick!" It's unfathomable to imagine that scene happening on the streets in our reality. However, we often hear men catcalling and approaching lone women, even in broad daylight. If a man called out to a woman: "Let me eat you out!" Let me see your wet pussy!", how startlingly different our reactions would be. It really puts sexism in perspective when you can see it from the opposite point of view.

Video: "Oppressed Majority"