Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Shivers

I got the September shivers today. In other words, it is already rainy, windy and cold and it's only mid-September! If this is fall in NYC, I can't imagine the dull and gloomy winters of December and January. I still have yet to purchase an umbrella, so I borrowed my roommate's yellow one. Obviously, I felt like Ted's wife from "How I Met Your Mother"; who wouldn't while carrying a yellow umbrella? After class, I met with a friend from KKG and we had coffee at Stumptown, a coffee shop near where I thought my class was located (aka the area where I got lost on the first day of school/the side of Washington Square Park that nobody ever goes to). Their lattes were delicious and I will definitely be returning in the near future.

(Photo taken at Stumptown Coffee Roasters)

A few funny stories came up while I was conversing with my friend, one of which was about the homework I had to do last night. My professor assigned us a couple different translations of Gilgamesh to read and compare. Personally, I found the variations in wording Shamhat's seduction of Endiku quite hilariously described. For example:

Translation 1: "That he is, Shamhat! Release your clenched arms, expose your sex so that he can take your voluptuousness!" 

Translation 2: "This is he, Shamhat! Uncradle your bosom, bare your sex, let him take in your charms!"

Translation 4: "There is he. Now, woman, make your breasts bare, have no shame. Do not delay but welcome his love."

(Photos taken in NYU University Hall)

Aside from my immaturity, my mom sent me some temporary book tattoos which I received yesterday afternoon. I tried one of them out last night and I absolutely love it. Now I am conflicted over whether or not I should get a tattoo so visible. Ugh, decisions...

(Photos taken in NYU University Hall)