Monday, September 1, 2014

The Honor Code by Kwame Anthony Appiah

I know I ended my last post with a nice conclusion wishing you all good luck tomorrow. However, I felt the need to write a post about the prompt I just had to answer for class. I haven't written a book review in quite a while, but I think this assignment for The Honor Code by Kwame Anthony Appiah, counts as one. The Honor Code discusses the definition of honor and how moral revolutions work in the past and present, foreshadowing moral revolutions to come in the future. It was an interesting read...a bit repetitive at some parts, but generally eye-opening to many of the issues still happening around the world, such as honor killings.

(Photo taken at Pret A Manger on Broadway)

Jumping back to the assignment, the prompt asked us to "Describe an instance when your behavior was influenced or guided by a code of honor and what the main features of the code were.  Then discuss your definition of honor and how it relates to Appiah's." Of course I left the prompt for last minute thinking that it would be easy to answer. However, as I sat in bed at 10:00pm trying to think of ideas, nothing seemed to spark an interest. 

During this time, I happened to be texting my boyfriend who, although is taking five or six classes a day towards an engineering major, declared himself "bored". In a jokingly manner, I replied, "Help me!!!" Surprisingly and after a solid three minutes, he responded, "Why don't you talk about cheating?" Now as I was sitting in a puddle of meddled thoughts, it dawned on me that I am in a long distance relationship, something that feeds on respect, honor and love. 
So here it is: my meek, one paragraph response to The Honor Code. Hopefully this gets me through the first day of college tomorrow...

The New York City lifestyle has recently challenged not only my independence and sanity, but also my moral code more than once. While exploring the city on the first few days, my friends and I were catcalled at, approached, touched and yelled at by various men on the streets. Following a general honor code of a human being, we felt it best to ignore these rude and degrading actions by strangers and kept walking with our heads held high. Additionally, my suitemate and I attended a series of welcome week parties where random guys would grab our waists and attempt to dance with us. Because I am in a long distance relationship, it felt extremely immoral to accept the offer of any guy who wanted to dance, even if they were genuinely kind, interesting and attractive people. I did not think about it at the time, but looking back on those nights, I realized I was following an honor code of a person in a relationship when deciding the right thing to do was to reject those guys. On a larger scale, I realized that “love” is just one of the many reasons why people do not cheat on their significant others. Relating to Appiah’s definition of honor, respect and honor come hand in hand. Respecting your partner is largely significant in any successful relationship; you want to be worthy of that respect, so cheating is not an option.

(Photo taken at Grizzly Peak, CA)

Rating: 3/5