Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's October 31st in the City... What Do I Do?

Hi guys! I've recently been overwhelmed with essays, quizzes, writing responses, reading and studying for my midterms... but now that my last midterm is over, I am finally back! This post will consist of a concert review, some cool photos and a short blurb about what I've been up to recently.

Last Thursday, I went to a concert at Terminal 5 on West 46th St. to see RAC. I first started listening to RAC's remixes in my junior year of high school and after two years of obsession, was finally able to see him live. The venue itself was pretty nice. Its size wasn't too large or overwhelming, but big enough for Terminal 5 to feel like a legitimate concert. Terminal 5 has three floors. The top two floors are for VIP members; they can buy drinks and watch the concert from tables while the ground floor is dedicated to general admission, aka, the real fans. Standing two rows from the stage, the RAC concert was definitely a life-changing experience. RAC is one of those musicians who remind me why I love music.

(Photos taken at Terminal 5)

This week is my sorority's big/little week. Over the past couple of days, I have been receiving gifts from my "big". I've also been thoroughly stalked by a new Facebook profile, "Erins Bigseestah", my big's fake profile solely for hilarious interaction between her and myself. Although I currently have no idea who my big sister is, I get to discover her identity during big/little reveal on Sunday!

(Photos taken in Washington Square Park)

I also participated in NYU's "Carry That Weight" campaign to stand in solidarity against sexual assault survivors. We put our handprints and signed our names on a mattress which will be carried to Columbia University for a rally inspired by the activism of Emma Sulkowicz, a Columbia student. As long as her rapist continues to attend Columbia, she will boldly carry around campus the mattress she was raped on. Back home, I'd never been much of an activist or the person to share politically charged articles on my Facebook profile. However, living in NYC and experiencing sexual discrimination firsthand inspired me to stand up for myself, to carry that weight and to speak out against wrongdoing.

(Photo taken at Kimmel Center, NYU)

Friday is Halloween. Enter the zombies, ghosts, witches, curses, black cats, spiders and other scary Halloween-themed critters. The talk around town is that NYC takes Halloween very seriously. I have the choice between attending multiple 18+ raves, frat parties, apartment get-togethers, haunted houses, haunted pumpkin patches and of course the traditional Halloween Parade in West Village. Because my Halloween plans are not set in stone, I'll probably be hopping from haunted venue to venue on October 31st. Watch out world! A very badass, curly-haired Black Widow (from "The Avengers") will be making multiple appearances. ;)