Friday, October 10, 2014

T.V. Shows vs. Movies

(Photo taken from Google Images)

I recently started a new T.V. show on Netflix called "GREEK". The show revolves around a group of college kids and their experiences in greek life, academics and of course, the love department. The great thing about Netflix is that I can binge-watch all six seasons "GREEK" since they're all there in a nice little list. (I'm already mid-season four and I started about two weeks ago...) Anyway, ever since starting the show, I've been doing some T.V. show reflecting and I began wondering why we all love watching shows so much. Nobody ever freaks out about a new film coming out in theaters (unless it's Harry Potter), but everyone grabs their box of tissues and a plate of cookies just in time to catch the newest episode of "Grey's Anatomy". Not to mention, the line in NYC just to enter a mock "Central Perk" from "Friends" is one to prompt questions like, "what is so great about T.V. shows?"

While thinking about my question, here are a list of T.V. shows I've started and at least gotten to season two, are currently watching, or completely finished:

1. The Vampire Diaries
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Bones
4. The Following
5. Teen Wolf
6. Reign
7. Modern Family
8. Orange is the New Black
9. American Horror Story
10. Downton Abbey
11. Fringe
12. Game of Thrones
13. The Tudors
14. Beauty and the Beast
15. The Carrie Diaries
16. Sherlock
17. The Walking Dead
18. Pretty Little Liars
19. Heros
20. Sex and the City
21. Friends
22. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
23. Gossip Girl
24. The Nine Lives of Chloe King
25. The Secret Circle
26. Glee
27. Skins
28. Mixology
29. How I Met Your Mother
30. How to Get Away With Murder
32. New Girl

Now, this list may be laughable compared to those who are avid T.V. watchers. However, 32 shows is still a lot... Going back to my question, I think the reason why people love watching shows so much is the amount of diversity within the T.V. show genre. I'm not saying that movies aren't diverse, but each movie generally falls into one category. Additionally, movies are usually created to appeal to a specific audience and made to sell in the box office. With T.V. shows, we can have all the genres (horror, drama, romance, action, fantasy, etc.) mixed into a long, ten-season chain of ups and downs that make us jump out of our seats. I love watching movies, but the ability of T.V. screenwriters to create realistic, admirable, strange, complex and captivating characters whom continue to inspire interest and awe in an audience over a number of years is truly amazing. I love my shows!