Saturday, October 11, 2014

Union Square Madness: Why We Need Feminism

A continuing list of all the times I've gotten stopped on the street... and why we need feminism.

Guy 1: "I like asian girls in tight leopard print skirts."

Guy 2: "I'm in a rush, but you're so cute I needed to talk to you. Your name is Erin too? So is mine! *Shows me his school ID*. What's your number? Your style is on point."

Guy 3: "Pretty asian lady...mmm"

Guy 4: "Are those extensions or is that your real hair? Did you know what Elvis Presley's natural hair color was? Blonde, yes! You're right. You have to go? Oh okay, bye!"

Guy 5: *Whistles*

Guy 6: "Hey, I was talking to my friend and I had to talk to you because I think you're really cute. What's your name? You sound like a very business-like woman.. like the way you said, "Hey!" *Shakes hand* Oh, you're in a rush? Well, tell your friend that you're late because you met a really cute guy. You look sort of like an introvert, but someone who can also party hard. No, wait come back! Come back!"

Guy 7: "Hey! You with the pretty hair..."

Guy 8: "Oohhh... pretty girl..."

Guy 9: "HI. I just wanted to let you know that I really like your nail polish color. You know, girls usually wear like a lighter, pale nail polish color, but yours is dark and nice. You kind of look Mongolian or Korean. A lot of Korean people look Mongolian, but with rounder faces. Oh no, I don't go to NYU. You dress really well. You're not a freshman right? You're a freshman?? But you look so stylish and composed, like you know what you're doing... I know it's midterm week, but I was just wondering if you wanted to get lunch with me sometime. Can I have your number? Okay, let me call you so I can make sure I have the right number." (I gave him the wrong number.)