Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why Rainy Weather Is Not My Weather

(Photo taken in NYU University Hall)

Over the past week, it's been raining on and off in New York City. Some days, we get 70 degree weather and sunshine like it's the middle of summer. Other days, we get 50 degree weather in which the streets are filled with gloomy, black coat-wearing people holding colorful umbrellas; it's a weird contrast and a juxtaposition I've always found strange.

Mid-last week on Broadway, the weather was perfect:

(Photo taken on Broadway)

As I was walking across a street on Broadway, I needed to snap a photo of this gorgeous sight. I still cannot get over the way the rays of the sun form shadows across every building. It's absolutely breathtaking. Another day last week, my friend and I were walking back to our dorms on 5th Ave. I snapped a picture of a man drawing faces with chalk in a straight line from one end of a block to the next. Weird things like that are why I absolutely love living in the city; it's full of surprises. 

(Photos taken on 5th Ave)

However, not all surprises are as invigorating... This morning, I woke up to hearing raindrops pitter-pattering down my window. I checked the weather, 54 degrees and high winds. Great. So I grabbed my warmest coat, put on some fuzzy socks, wrapped a scarf around my neck and head out the door to my 2pm Human Evolution class. The wind was so strong that I needed to hold my umbrella in front of my face for protection in addition to keeping my umbrella's shape. It felt like a human shield, repelling the invisible forces of nature. On my way back from class, I stopped to get some coffee to keep me awake for the rest of the day. Big mistake. As I was began my trek across the street, a huge gust of wind literally blew me away. I spilled some coffee on my coat at the same time my umbrella flipped inside out. I was in the process of jaywalking because everyone in NYC jaywalks, so in the midst of it all, the car trying to cross the intersection honked loudly as passing pedestrians stared at me during this unfortunate struggle against nature. Lesson of the day: rainy weather is absolutely not my kind of weather. (Unless I'm indoors and sipping tea, of course.)