Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Photo Post

Although it's only halfway through the month, I thought I'd post some photos of what's been going on in the life of Erin. 93 days ago, I begin counting down to the next time I'd get to see my boyfriend since we parted ways for college. After what seems to be forever, we're finally down to the last 12 days.

(Photos taken from NYU University Hall)

(Photo taken from Wayside coffee shop)

(Photo taken on 14th St.)

You would think that NYC does Thanksgiving, big. However, as I look outside my dorm room window, all I see are string lights, blow-up Santa dolls, glass snowflakes and red and green everything. November is really starting to feel like Christmas, especially in shop windows and on the Starbuck's holiday menu.

(Photo taken at Yoga to the People)

My roommate and I have been going to yoga weekly to relax our minds through exhausting the body. This picture was taken before our 4:30pm class today on the upper floor of the studio. I have to say, walking into class when it's still daytime and stepping outside into the evening truly reflects the feeling of fulfillment embodied in working out the physical self.