Monday, November 10, 2014

What We Think NYC Guys Are Like vs. Real NYC Guys

(Photo taken near 33rd St.)

I met up with a friend from high school on Saturday for some dinner and drinks. On our way to the restaurant, I asked her about her current love life in the city. She laughed in response and we begin discussing the guys we had met on the street, at clubs, at school, etc. Throughout our conversation, we realized that we had pretty much come to the same conclusion about New York City men. They are either too rich, too snobby or too creepy. Where are the book-loving, poetry-writing, coffee-drinking, bearded and hair-tied-in-a-ponytail hipsters? Where are the sexy, rich and romantic businessmen? Nowhere to be found it seems... Here are the facts about my college. Don't ask me any questions; this is statistics. NYU has a 60 to 40 percent ratio of girls to boys. Out of the 40 percent, half are homosexual. Of the 20 percent left, 10 percent are taken. Of the 10 percent left, 5 percent are players, partiers and your typical frat boys. Now we are left with 5 percent, 2 percent of which are probably the creepy stoners who secretly deal drugs and make $400 per week. So that leaves us 3 percent of whom are normal college guys.

Don't ask me why the majority of young adults in New York City are single, but it seems like we've got a slight dating problem (and not just at NYU). Personally, I have yet to meet a genuine, nice guy who just wants to be friends. Hopefully that'll change once the year goes on because guy friends are great! They game with you, they listen to your girl problems even if they secretly have no idea how to comfort you, they're always up for a grub and they are just all out amazing people. To my guy friends (and boyfriend) from back home, I miss you all!