Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

In the cold, dreary weeks before finals, my roommate and I spent a sufficient amount of time dining out at delicious restaurants and making sure to fill our bodies with lots of comfort food. (I just found out that NYU meal swipes do NOT carry over to the next semester... and with $70 left on my account, I will be spending basically all of next week force-feeding myself sushi and smoothies at Palladium Dining Hall.) On Monday, we went to a ramen place I've been dying to try for some time now: Ramen Setagaya on St. Marks. I wasn't impressed by the Spicy Miso ramen since it was completely dosed in spicy peppers, hiding the actual pork flavor of ramen broth, but Rayna's normal Miso ramen bowl was some of the best ramen I've ever eaten.

(Photos taken at Ramen Setagaya)

On Wednesday, we went to one of our favorites, a hummus bar near our dorm called Nanoosh. Sometimes you just need pita bread, some avocados and the idea of eating healthy food to set your mind straight and make everything better.

(Photo taken at Nanoosh)

On Thursday, we were absolutely exhausted from homework, tests, essays and the overall events of the week so we decided just to go a few stores down and get two slices of Joe's cheese pizza. Last night, I managed to start an essay at 2am, pull an all-nighter, and fall asleep around 6:30am after finishing my essay due at 5pm the same day. With just one four more days of actual classes, two more essays, one project and two finals to get through, I'm just going to go ahead and say it: I'm done. This semester is over. I got through half of my first year of college. Winter break, here I come.

(Photos taken on University Place)