Saturday, December 27, 2014

Home for the Holidays

Before leaving NYC back to CA, I shopped for Christmas gifts to bring back to family, friends and teachers. Because my roommate/suitemates had already left for break, I spent these last few days alone in my cold, 14th floor dorm room making hot chocolate and watching movies. Two days before leaving, one of my friends had her 21st birthday party so I dragged myself out of bed and finally went out for more than just a few hours shopping for some gifts.

(Photo taken on University Place)

(Photo taken at LAVO, NYC)

The holidays back in Lafayette were pretty hectic. I returned exactly a week ago in the evening and spent most of my time unpacking two large suitcases and making my room the comfortable sleeping place it was before I left. On Monday and Tuesday, I met with some friends for bowling and dinner. Although our circumstances had changed, it seemed as if nobody changed at all in the past four months. It was nice catching up with everyone and pretending we were once again carefree high school students.

(Photo taken from my front yard)

Christmas Eve one of my favorite days in December. My immediate family packs up a car filled with potluck foods and drive over to my grandma's place in San Francisco to celebrate with the rest of my California relatives. My family loves to recreate "House of Prime Ribs" every Christmas dinner, so we go all out with the steak, horse radish, classic HOPR salad and more. I look forward to this night every winter. 

(Photo taken on the way to SF)

(Photo taken before Christmas Eve Dinner)

Christmas Day marked the one year anniversary of Tom and I. We spent our Christmas at his house where I had a second delicious christmas dinner with more steak, vegetables and a fun traditional game in the UK called "Crackers". After dinner, we all huddled up on the couches and watched a movie. For my present, he spent a total of eight hours folding pages in an English dictionary to create "love" in a book. 

(Photos taken at Tom's place)

Now that the holidays are almost over, I'm slowly beginning to sink into the relaxation part of winter break. I fly back to the city on January 23rd, giving me almost a month to sit in boredom in a small Californian town that I've rediscovered has absolutely nothing to do. Hopefully I'll be reading more, a joy that finals week deprived me of. While sitting at home, I also rediscovered some old blog posts on Tumblr that I wrote during my high school years. Some of them make me cringe in disgust, as writers often do when they read their old works. On the other hand, there were some blog posts I had completely forgotten even existed, such as this one:

Muses For Writing
The best kind of writing is the writing that sneaks up behind me when I'm not looking, the kind of writing that surprises me, like a breath of fresh air I didn't know I was dying to take. Writing that leaves a mark I cannot erase with any sort of soap or scrub. Writing that consumes me from top to bottom, that tastes like warm, ginger tea, but also sharp, like a shot of whiskey to the soul. The best kind of writing is writing that reminds me of the city: dirty, filthy, unsafe, but so, so alive. Writing that I cannot resist. Writing that leaves me absolutely speechless. This is the best kind of writing.

I wrote this exactly a year ago, on December 27th 2013. Take from it what you'd like.