Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How To Stay Warm: A California Girl's Perspective

(Photos taken near Washington Square Park)

As many of you have probably heard, NYC is experiencing one of its worst blizzards, so they say... Even if the blizzard itself is not as bad as the weather forecast suggested, I'm still witnessing a snowstorm outside my window. Moreover, I keep getting burning sensations in my nose from dry nasal passages. So, I've written down some helpful notes on how to protect oneself from the freezing, dry weather of the city. Here is a guide on how to stay warm during a snowstorm (from a California girl's perspective, of course.)

Step 1: Do not underestimate the bravery of New Yorkers

What do you mean "cancel school"? That's hilarious. There's only 8 inches of snow outside, we can take it!

Step 2: Even if it's pretty, do not go outside and take pictures of the snow

Even if you want to impress your friends who still live in California, this is a given. Instagram can wait until tomorrow.

Step 3: Drink lots and lots and lots of tea

Tea is good. Tea is healthy. Tea is nirvana. In fact, don't drink anything else. Just tea.

Step 4: Wear more clothing

No, those tank tops and shorts are not going to be warm enough.

Step 5: Wrap yourself in a ball and do not talk to ANYONE

You don't want to risk your own health for the sake of speaking to another human being. Just stay wrapped up in a corner and entertain yourself with dreams of the beach and In-N-Out.

Stay safe and warm, everyone!

(Photos taken in Union Square)