Saturday, January 10, 2015

Star Crossed by Jennifer Echols

This one was a quick read for me. I started Star Crossed by Jennifer Echols while waiting to board our flight to Orlando Friday morning at 6am and finished that night around 9pm. Although I cannot deny Echols' ability to write steamy, good (often erotic) conversations between two lovable characters, the plot lacked a drive and eventually became predictable. Star Crossed is one of those chick-lit, "feel-good" books where the heroine saves the day, but not without adding in a few witty comebacks and snatching her hero.

Wendy Mann is a rising PR expert, working for a famous public relations firm named Stargazer. After losing one of her clients to Stargazer's rival, Blackstone, her place at the company becomes seriously threatened. In fear of losing a job she has worked all her life for, she agrees to save a 21-year-old singer/movie star from falling into the depths of her own bad-rep after sharing inappropriate pictures of herself online while posting snarky comments about her ex-boyfriend, also a famous movie star. Wendy's plan seems easy enough, until she comes face to face with her nemesis from college and Blackstone's prized PR specialist, Daniel Blackstone, who is there to represent of course, her client's ex-boyfriend.

When Wendy and Daniel's clients come to blows, it is up to them to salvage their clients' popularity while attempting to diffuse the undeniable (and forbidden) chemistry between the two PR specialists.

Rating: 3/5