Sunday, February 1, 2015

Io So Che Tu Sai Che Io So

(A quick disclaimer for the title of this post: it is the name of a famous Italian movie, "I Know That You Know That I Know". A picture of the movie poster showed up in one of my homework assignments for Intensive Elementary Italian. Because my study mates and I found it funny, I decided to title my post with the same name, as my week has been quite hilariously overwhelming.)

I guess I'll start out with the fact that it's finally February and a lot has gone by in the first week of classes. A lot.

First of all, we had a fake blizzard. Yes, that's right. The "largest snowstorm in the history of this city", Juno, was a lie! Other events to note: I struggled with learning Italian verb tenses and conjugations pretty much every single morning. I auditioned to be placed in one or more of the six choirs at NYU; I'm now a member of the Women's Chorus! (Something funny actually happened when I was practicing my audition piece in the U-Hall practice room. A girl and her friend opened my door just as I was finishing the piece and told me, "I'm sorry I'm interrupting, but you have such a beautiful voice. I just wanted to let you know..." She asked me the name of the piece I was rehearsing, wrote it down and then asked for my name. It was sweet and definitely boosted my confidence for the audition that would happen the next day.) Anyway, I also joined the school newspaper, "Washington Square News", and decided I would be a crazy person by taking on two articles that I need to finish writing by the end of this week. I also looked into writing for "Her Campus", an online college girl's guide to fashion, food and lifestyle. As of today, I am officially writing for the website! My first assignment is to transcribe an interview with a student for the NYU "Campus Celebrity" section of the Her Campus website.

Phew. If you actually read that entire paragraph of stress and sweat, props to you. That is now my college life. Here are some photos taken throughout this week ranging from beautiful pictures of the snow to beautiful pictures of studying Italian for hours on end...

(Photo taken in Washington Square Park)

(Photo taken in Starbucks)

(Photo taken in Soho)

("Potential Mandala Kimono", photos taken in Free People, 5th Ave.)

("Late Brunch", photos taken in Tea & Sympathy)

("Colorful Houses", photo taken on West 14th St.)