Saturday, February 21, 2015

Love Of Self

Sometimes, when we're deep in the midsts of working and taking on too many tasks, we forget who the most important person in our life is: ourself.

I hope that February was a month of enlightenment, reminding us that we must love ourselves, even during the long nights and harsh storms that come along the way.

I urge you now to take a moment and relax--think about what inspires you, awakens your body and makes you feel alive. I've written a list of various ways to empower yourself. Some may work, others may not. Find what suits you best and remember to chase after it.

Everyone deserves love, but most importantly, love of self.
  • play a musical instrument; lose yourself in the music
  • treat yourself to a cup of coffee or tea at your favorite coffeeshop
  • treat yourself to a massage; release the tension in your body and mind
  • make playlists of songs that relax you; listen with care
  • buy a sketchbook and doodle 
  • write down inspirational quotes or phrases you overheard that make you smile
  • craft something you've always wanted to craft; your hands have more power than you think
  • take a warm bath
  • snuggle up with a feel-good book
  • read a book that makes you think, question, reevaluate 
  • decorate your room with candles and incense 
  • take pictures of everything: people, animals, nature, buildings and make a scrapbook of everything you observed on that specific day
  • buy yourself lovely lingerie; wear what makes you feel beautiful
  • check out these calming websites: the quiet place, calm, simply noise
  • finally, allow yourself the love you deserve