Monday, March 2, 2015

5 Simple Steps To Make Life Easier

With midterms coming up, we all want something to make our lives easier--preferably a portable instant coffeemaker and a personal masseuse to massage away the tension from carrying around heavy laptops in our backpacks and purses. Here are some simple steps to make life easier and more productive, especially when juggling an intense workload on lack of sleep. 

1. Do the dishes right after you finish eating

Stop being lazy. I'm serious. Do the dishes so that oil and other junk does not dry and harden on your poor pots, making it 10x worse doing the dishes a few days later. Imagine coming home every day to a shiny kitchen sink instead of one filled from bottom to top with dirty, smelly dishes from last week. If you wash the dishes right after using them, it'll be one less thing to do.

2. Pick your outfit the night before. (And pack your school things)

Want to get to your classes earlier? Then, this step is for you! Before you go to bed every night, pick out what you're going to wear the next day including shoes, accessories and whatever else you might need for class. This probably saves about ten minutes of trying to scanning your wardrobe for a cute outfit and stuffing last minute papers into your backpack.

3. Do your homework someplace other than your bed

Your bed is for sleeping, not for working. There are plenty of studies that reveal negative effects of making your bed a workplace, including insomnia and disrupting the sleep cycle. Furthermore, this tip gets rid of procrastination just like that. If you do homework on your bed, odds are you'll end up:
  • Watching Netflix 
  • Online shopping
  • Tweeting, Facebooking, Tumblring (really, anything that is NOT homework)
  • Falling asleep
If you want to save a lot of wasted time, do your work someplace other than your bed such a desk, a table, or even the couch.

4. Take advantage of organizational apps

If you're like me and can't remember a single thing from your "to-do" list, then this step is absolutely necessary for you. The only way I can keep up with deadlines and events is to write them down...everywhere. I like to use "Awesome Note" for my shopping lists, to-do lists and ideas that I want to write down. I also use a calendar, a planner, a Subway schedule and other apps that allow me to organize my hectic life.

5. Find a study buddy

Do you have that one friend who is constantly at work, in class or doing homework in the library? Yes, you know who I am talking about; find that person and stick to them like glue. Growing up, my mom would always tell me, "you are who your friends are." If you're aiming to become a more productive person, surround yourself with productive people! Become friends with someone who will motivate you to do better—not only in school—but in life as well. Friends are the key to success (and happiness).