Saturday, March 7, 2015

Growing Indoor Succulents in New York City

(Photo taken in NYU University Hall)

My dorm hall recently had a "make your own succulents" night which I attended and took home my very own green succulent. With the recent blizzard and snowy conditions, it's definitely not easy to be growing plants that need lots of sunlight. So, I did some research a gathered a few tips on growing indoor succulents in cold environments for anyone in a similar situation.

Step 1: Pick the right succulents

Start out with green succulents. There are a variety of colorful succulents one can decorate their home with. However, green succulents have a higher survival rate--perfect for growing in cold environments.

Step 2: Use natural sunlight

Make sure you leave your plant near the window, regardless of whether the sun is out; your plant needs as much natural light as it can get.

Step 3: Refrain from watering your succulents 

Do not water your plants! Succulents grow best in dry, desert-like climates. Make sure to keep your succulent's soil as dry and water-free as possible.

Step 4: Cover your succulents in cold weather

In freezing temperatures, cover your succulents with frost covers, fabric covers or other types of covering that will protect them from the snow and damp air. However, don't keep them covered for too long—plants need to breath as well.

Good luck!