Monday, March 16, 2015

Reflecting Above Earth

Spring break consisted of a lot of traveling and reflecting upon my own life.

I spoke to a close friend from back home yesterday night and we talked about why sadness drives humans to create art. While consoling me about the sadness filling my own life, he intelligently mentioned that writers write not to convey emotions, but to get as close to the emotions as possible.

While reflecting upon myself, I realized that I hadn't written anything since coming home for spring break. I've attempted to write, but the multiple blank Word docs in front of me seemed to be laughing and gloating at me, along with the rest of the universe.

My friend told me that although it is hard to confront the sadness, everyone must acknowledge it. Right now, I can feel the sadness inside of me, burning the skin where it touched me and pressing against my chest as it grows larger and suffocates me. It hurts now, but somehow I know the sadness will eventually metamorphosize into something beautiful, something greater that will leave my body and lift its wings in search for the sky. Eventually, what's left of the sadness will dissolve into only memories and I too, will fly.

(Photos taken somewhere in the sky)