Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break and Summer Weather

The past few days have been an escape from the real world. My life has been the warmest and most carefree since the summer before I left for college. I spent the rest of spring break back in California where I met up with old friends, relaxed and visited my favorite places back home. Although I love the city, it was nice to surround myself with nature and allow myself to completely be at ease.

(Photos taken on Briones Hill)

(Photos taken in Lafayette, CA)

When I return to New York City on Friday (the first day of spring and the day it's supposed to SNOW), I plan on writing more guides & informational posts as well as some street-style and music posts. I know that MM has been lacking in those areas, but I haven't forgotten about you readers! Reflecting on my life has been essential for my wellbeing and I wanted to thank you all for keeping up with MM, even through its ups and downs; I can always count on my blog as a safe place and home. Love you all!