Saturday, April 4, 2015

Adventures in Brooklyn: Coney Island

This weekend, I celebrated my first Passover with my roommate, her boyfriend, parents, three siblings and relatives from both sides of the family in her Victorian-style Brooklyn home. Out of all the traditional Passover foods that I devoured, my favorites were the Tri-colored Matzah Balls, Chopped Liver, Stuffed Cabbage and Gefilte Fish; I've never witnessed Matzah being made in so many different forms before. The whole experience reminded me of my own family's Thanksgiving dinner, where we recreate House of Prime Ribs. I honestly haven't been as full and satisfied since Thanksgiving last year!

(Photo taken in the Sclar household, or Sclarnia)

On Saturday afternoon, we decided to take a trip to Coney Island, which was also a first for me. Regardless of the strong winds, it was an absolutely beautiful day for the beach. Also, hair in the face is a new fashion trend.

Here is a photo of my roommate Rayna and her boyfriend looking like the epitome of "relationship goals". Although they are adorable, I'm still bitter over the fact that neither of them wanted to accompany me on the Sling Shot ride (where they place you in a ball-type harness and literally shoot you 150 feet up into the sky at 90 mph. Sounds fun, right?!) My adrenaline junkie self definitely had a superb time at Coney Island. 

(Photos taken in Coney Island)

If you ever plan on visiting Coney Island, be sure to check out the many shops and restaurants along the boardwalk and street. Also, remember to try Nathan's Famous hot dogs, the original and best hot dogs you will ever eat. And if you've ever wondered whether or not to join a hot dog eating contest, Nathan's is the place to look out for. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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