Friday, April 10, 2015

Modern Art

This afternoon, my roommate Rayna and I took a trip to the Museum of Modern Art to look at Bjork's new exhibit. Although I had heard of Bjork in the past, I could only recall one or two of her songs from memory. All I can say--from seeing Bjork's work on a screen and hearing her music live through more than 40 sound speakers--is that Bjork is not a joke; she is the real deal. Bjork's music is the type of art that makes your stomach twist in a disturbed way, yet captures your eyes and ears from the first few notes. Neither Rayna nor I could look away from the screen and we spent about two hours watching her 3D audio music videos. If you're in New York City at the moment, be sure to check out her fascinating exhibit. If you'd like, try creating some modern art yourselves. MoMA is a beautiful gallery with plenty of spaces to get creative with your photography...

(Photos taken at the MoMA)

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