Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Adventures: East Bay Places to Try

Hi everyone! I hope all of your summers have been going splendidly. Because my summer was off to a busy start, I thought it would be a great idea to keep you guys updated with a series of posts titled "Summer Adventures" so you can all see what I'm up to this summer. I'll do my best to post on MM every few days, if not every few days then at least once a week. June took me by surprise, as you'll be able to see once I describe the events which have happened so far: I made some unexpected friends, rescued a snake, sat in the passenger seat while a friend almost hit a corgi, sat in the passenger seat while the same friend almost hit a deer, had a LOTR marathon by myself, finished two seasons of "Bob's Burgers" on Netflix, got kidnapped (by a friend) and driven to In-N-Out at 12am, debated about conspiracies and other topics for over four hours, got two piercings, "worked out" on "Just Dance" using the wii and finally, landed my first paid internship/job towards my career. I also updated my Spotify account to premium, which was probably the best decision I've made this summer. (I haven't been making great decisions, as you can see by the insane amount of food I've splurged on in just three weeks.) Anyway, here is a quick list of five great places to try out this summer. You will not be disappointed!

1. The Veggie Grill

These first two photos are from the Veggie Grill in Walnut Creek. I ordered the delicious Sonoran Summer Bowl, which includes black beans, shaved chargrilled cob corn, avocado, tomato corn salsa, jalapenos, tortilla chips, red pepper chile sauce and steamed quinoa. This dish is pretty much "healthy Chipotle." 

2. Corners Tavern

Here, you can see my savory bowl of steamed mussels from Corners Tavern Restaurant & Bar. The place was nice; they have an entire wall with paintings dedicated to various fairytales and stories. I would have taken some photos, but one of our dinner members took all our phones and piled them in the center of the table so none of us would be tempted to use our electronic devices. What a shame.

3. Blue Gingko

Of course, I had to include some photos of my favorite food: sushi. This photo was taken at Blue Gingko in Lafayette. The dish I ordered is called Crouching Tiger, which has spider crab, salmon, tuna and flying fish roe with special sauce. The place is quite small, but has a delicious lunch menu.

4. Sasa

The next few sushi images are from Sasa in Walnut Creek. I absolutely love this place, not just for its yummy Asian food, but also because of its laid-back vibe, peppy waiters and amazing homemade drinks. I basically spent two day's worth of a paycheck here ordering a hummus appetizer, the Spider roll, Walnut Creek roll, crispy duck buns and pork belly. 

5. The Ramen Shop

(Photos taken in Lafayette, Walnut Creek and Berkeley)

Ah, the ramen shop. Where do I even begin with The Ramen Shop? Let's just say that the owners of this magnificent restaurant spent a year (or two) in Japan just to learn the art of making ramen. Each bowl is worth $17.50 and they change up the menu every day. My favorite dish is the Veggie Shoyu Meyer Lemon Ramen because of its unique and mouthwatering broth which has rich aftertaste and a dash of Meyer lemon. If you're in the Berkeley area and are craving a warm bowl of comfort noodles, definitely check this place out!

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