Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Adventures: "Off the Grid"

Yesterday, a couple friends and I attended the opening of a food festival in Walnut Creek hosted by "Off the Grid," a roaming food extravaganza that travels from city to city in the Bay Area and San Francisco. 

In terms of vibes, the entire event took place in a compact, outdoor space where a MacDonald's used to be. There were also people from ages 1-70. In terms of food variety, there were probably about 10 food trucks with snacks varying from vegan rose-flavored milkshakes to bacon-flavored, well, everything. Food never disappoints. Music? The live band played a mixture of blues, country and jazz, but we didn't stay long enough for me to go into detail or give the guitarist, drummer and singer a full review. One of them was wearing basketball shorts, though. After 6pm, the "Bacon Bacon" line started multiplying until it ended on the other side of the festival. Also, there were little to no seats available.

But, we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. My friends and I ended up staying for about an hour. We spent those 60 minutes sitting on the curb, people-watching and eating chili noodles, (which neither of us could finish because they were too spicy and we ran out of rose-flavored milkshakes to chug.) All in all, if you have nothing to do on a Tuesday night and you're absolutely starving, you shouldn't should check this festival out!

(Photos taken at "Off the Grid," Walnut Creek, CA)

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