Saturday, August 15, 2015

London 2015: Part 2 Photo Post

London. Where do I even begin? It's a prettier, more hip version of New York City with gorgeous old buildings, cobblestone paths, amazing music and lots and lots of delicious TEA. These first few photos were captured while riding the London Eye during sunset. I highly suggest taking the ferris wheel so that you can witness the city in all its glory from 135m in the air. It's breathtaking!

(Photos taken from the London Eye)

We spent our last few days exploring museums including Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum and British Museum. All three were fantastic, but my personal favorite was the British Museum; its Egyptian collection is incredible, as well as its East Asian art and ancient Greek and Roman artifacts. Also, it's home to the Rosetta Stone! How cool is that?

(Photos taken in Victoria and Albert Museum)

(Photos taken at Natural History Museum) 

(Photos taken in British Museum)

(Photos taken in Waterstones, Piccadilly location)

Looking for book heaven? Check out Waterstones, a six-story bookshop in Piccadilly/the British version of Barnes and Nobles. After our third visit in two days, it's safe to say that we're obsessed with this bookstore. I ended up purchasing Haruki Murakami's newly-translated book containing two of his earlier novels, Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball, 1973. It's been one night and I've already finished Hear the Wind Sing, a realist novel told through descriptions and dialogue about a college student who spends his summer vacation drinking in a bar. It talks about everything, from Russian literature and Martians to raison d'ĂȘtre and The Beach Boys. Basically, this book is a roadmap to my soul, but more on that later. Book review coming soon! 

(Photos taken in Trafalgar Square, London)

(Photo taken from our hotel window)

Be on the look out for my next outfit of the day post, which will be online sometime this week. Until then, Vienna, here we come!

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