Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Break in Wine Country

Napa is a truly romantic city and the great place to vacation with your significant other, or better yet, have a mother-daughter date! My mom and I drove up to Napa on Wednesday morning and spent the last couple of days tasting delicious wine, devouring Italian food and enjoying the beautiful, 70-degree weather. Because my brothers are still in school and have jazz concerts, tae kwon do events and other extracurricular activities, we had to rush home before the end of the week. Our stay was short, but we were still able to see some wineries, walk around downtown Napa and spend some precious mother-daughter time together.

A friend of mine recommended Darioush, a Persepolis-inspired winery with incredible architecture and a rich history. When my mom and I were in the visitor's center in downtown Napa, we were asked the question, "What kind of winery are you looking for?" Since neither of us really know much about wine (embarrassingly), my mom answered almost immediately, "One with beautiful architecture!" So this was the perfect winery for us to explore. I definitely recommend it to anyone who plans on visiting Napa soon!

(Photos taken in Napa, CA)

In the evening, we dined at the famous Bistro Don Giovanni, which brought back so many Florence memories... We ordered Carpaccio, grilled octopus and shared a Margherita pizza, which to our surprise, was pretty freaking tasty. The crust was perfectly crisp and there was just enough basil to balance, and not overpower the cheese. It might have even been better than any Margherita pizza we tasted in Italy (Absolutely, 100% serious). After a satisfying meal, we headed home to our cute airbnb and spent the rest of the night in. Our vacation in Napa was short, but it was a nice, much-needed break from reality. See you all back in New York!

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