Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Fireworks, sparklers and sunsets make me think of youth. Of rooftops filled with dancing bodies, the smell of cooking meat and animated voices overpowering the sound of music blasting from speakers. Last night was an adventure. A group of us took a train into Williamsburg, Brooklyn around sunset only to be welcomed by a sudden downpour. We ran a couple of blocks, screaming and soaked from head to toe in rain, until we found a deli where we picked up four umbrellas, hopefully shielding us from our plight. When we got to the party, we made a run for the rooftop, our excitement trailing after us in the wet footsteps we left behind. A single ladder formed a bridge between two rooftops, and we made our mark on both platforms. It started to drizzle, but we lit sparklers anyway, laughing and smiling as the fire illuminated our dark faces. A few of us climbed onto the roof, surveying the area to predict which direction the fireworks would come from. 

When they finally started, we huddled together, perched onto the edge of one side as we clapped and cheered and celebrated. Lights came from every direction; some even burst into sparks above our heads, floating down like rain and scaring us back inside for a few moments before we gathered enough courage to reenter the flickering world. Last night made me think of the summer between high school and college. Of young adults with idealistic futures, our hopes and ambitions unscathed by reality. A group of dreamers packed together on one of thousands of rooftops in New York City. A fleeting moment of youth, before we replace our adult masks and wake up the next morning to go to work. 

(Photos taken in Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!